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About the Artist

    I am a self taught artist. Growing up in Maine as an outdoorsmen I found myself being inspired by the glacial erratics that are ubiquitous In the trout streams and ponds of our state.

     Using the material as the starting point in developing form, each piece is as individual as the stone that I begin with. I bring aesthetic rigor with a passion for minimalism to find something beyond and within the material itself.




Mark Herrington

 P.O. Box 230 Franklin, ME 04634 


Maine Coast Stone Symposium- Boothbay, ME 2017

Gleason’s Fine Arts- Boothbay Harbor, ME. 2017

Littlefield Gallery - Solo Show,  Winter Harbor, Maine 2017

Villes Arboretum - Sculpture Symposium, Augusta, Maine, 2016
Littlefield Gallery - Sea & Stone of Schoodic, Winter Harbor, Maine 2016
Selected artist for “Sculpture Nova Scotia”- Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada 2015
MDI Biological Laboratory - Arts meet science cafe lecturer. 2015
University of Maine, at Orono - Artist in residence 2015
University of Maine, at Orono - Guest Lecturer, “Sculpting in the Moment: A Dialog with Material and Process”, Orono, Maine 2014
Littlefield Gallery - “Strength and Patience”, Winter Harbor, Maine, 2014
June LaComb SCULPTURE - A Celibration of Art and Nature, Falmouth, Maine, 2014
June LaComb SCULPTURE - Sculpture at Hawk Ridge Farm, Pownel, Maine, 2013
Littlefield Gallery - “Rock and Jazz”, Winter Harbor, Maine, 2012
Greenhut Gallery - Portland Maine, 2010-2016
Littlefield Gallery - Winter Harbor, Maine, 2009-2016
J.C. Stone - Sculpture Symposium Jeffferson, Maine 2010 and 2011
Art in the Park, Solo Artist Show, Gardner Maine, 2010
Ostraka Sculpture - Symposium , Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, 2010
University of New England - The Ninth Annual Sculpture Garden Invitational, Portland, Maine 2010
Littlefield Gallery / Solo Show - Winter Harbor, Maine, 2009
Schoodic International Sculpture Symposium - Selected Artist - Schoodic Point, Maine 2009 The Courthouse Gallery, Ellsworth, Maine 2008
June LaComb / SCULPTURE - A Celebration of Sculpture in Situ, Pownel, Maine, 2008
June LaComb / SCULPTURE - Where Nature and Culture Meet, 2007
Maine Audubon Gisland Farm Sanctuary, Falmouth, Maine, 2007
Coastal Maine Botanical Garden, Boothbay Harbor, Maine, 2007
Courthouse Gallery - Small Pieces, Ellsworth, Maine 2007
June LaComb / SCULPTURE - Hawk Ridge Farm, Pownel, Maine, 2007
June LaComb / SCULPTURE - Coming to Our Senses, 2006
Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, Boothbay Harbor, Maine, 2006
Hawk Ridge Farm, Pownel, Maine, 2006
Gleason Fine Arts, Sculpture II, Boothbay Harbor, Maine, 2006
June LaComb / SCULPTURE - Touchstones-sculpture participating with place, 2005
College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine 2005
Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, Boothbay Harbor, Maine, 2005 

Hawk Ridge Farm, Pownel, Maine, 2005
Maine Sculptors 2005, Lewis Gallery, Portland, Maine, 2005
International Wood Sculpting Symposium, Damarisotta, Maine 2005
Gleasons Fine Arts - “The Image Within”, Boothbay Harbor, Maine, 2005
Round Top Center For the Arts, Maine Stone Workers Guild, Damariscotta. Maine, 2004 Maine Sculptors 2004, Lewis Gallery, Portland, Maine, 2004
Round Top International Stone Sculpting Symposium, Damariscotta, Maine, 2004 Maine Sculptors, The Maine art Gallery, Wiscasset, Maine, 2004
Art And Old Things - Sullivan, Maine, gallery artist, 2002-2008
Wine Cellar Gallery - Ellsworth, Maine, gallery artist, 2002-2017
Orono Maine High School 1979
Guitar Making School, North Adams Mass 1979
Attended University of Maine Orono, Philosophy 1979-1980
Born 1960 in Lewiston, Maine 



    The act of creating is an attempt to understand connections. They can be between the conscious and the unconscious, personal and public, intellectual and emotional, or almost anything, perceived or not perceived.

    There is also the relationship between idea and concept, mind and body, body and tool, tool and technique upon medium and project to place, which are constantly layered over the reasons for creating within the process of doing.

    Artists work through these connections to give themselves and the world glimpses of possibilities as to how things fit into our world.

    For me that process is important. Having a plan that allows for discoveries to be made and acted on along the way that will enlighten and enliven the result is one of the reasons I find great joy in my work. It is also a tool to keep me present within the process. I believe creation happens only in the present. The past and future are tools to help us fully focus on the here and now.

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